Sunday, January 29, 2017

Build Your Amway Business Online.

Build Your Amway Business Online

Build your Amway business online with four simple components. Yes, there are four components Amway IBO’s need in their business to survive in this competitive industry in the 21st century, just as we need the four components, earth, wind, fire, and air for our existences. As competitive as it may be, it is encouraging to know people all over the globe are building a successful Amway Business online and you can too. Amway is the number one Network Marketing Business in the world at 10.1 billion-dollar in 2015 and everyone wants a piece of the pie, and frankly there is enough to go around.  

The questions I get; “is how can I start an online campaign?”  “I have shift my business to online by using Facebook and other social media and it is not working”. “I have approached all my Facebook friends, now what?” Where are the people and where do they come from? How do I find the people? All those questions resonate with me. I too, chased my warm market until they got cold. I try social media with no success. It was not until I discovered that all the top Network Marketers invest in their training then gather all their training and create a system that works for them or copy a system from their training that works for them, but they understand that the four components Network marketer need in their business should always be incorporated into their system. Master them and you will get more leads and sign up more reps.
The Four Main Components to build your Amway business online
1-   Blog, blogging has become a huge part on building your brand and to attract people that will trust you, your content is what will attract people to you, believe in you, and build a relationship with you, which eventually join your business or buy your product. People buy on the Internet who they build a relationship with. That will be the job of your blog.
2- Lead Capture, have a lead capture page on your blog. How else will you get your leads that will convert to reps in your business. Your lead capture page should be simple, request for a first name and email.
3- Content, your articles and video is what makes your blog attractive to attract leads. Create good content. If you are a newbie, you can start by interviewing an up line with some kind of success.                                                                         4- Social Media, to engage and connect with people to get them to your blog. {pick up your free “Facebook Marketing Strategy” at,  Take advantage of any free training.
Those are the four components Network Marketers need in their business. Is not rocket science folks, is not a secret formula. When Network Marketers fail is because they do not take the time to study the techniques for each component. Master the four components network marketers need and you will be the top producer in your Network Marketing Business.
Network Marketing is an ideal business. It allows people to earn as much as they desire by putting some work and effort into their business. You have the potential to earn a piece of the 114 billion dollars, then treat your business serious. Invest in yourself and learn as much as you can about marketing. People will want to join you if they see you are committed to your business and are genuinely interested in their success. People want to know if you have the knowledge to guide them, mentor and train them. The best investment you can make is in yourself. The more you study, the more you learn, the easier marketing gets, the sooner your business sky rockets. The four components network marketers need in their business is a skill anyone can learn.
The more training you have under your belt the easier to master your system. Jim Rohn, a renown speaker and motivator said it best in his video,  “Building Your Network Marketing Business”
Go Ahead, Click On the Image and master the four components network marketers need for your business survival in the 21 century.
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Monday, May 30, 2016

The Word Entrepreneur - "The 6 Figure Formula"

The Word Entrepreneur

Today I want to touch on the word entrepreneur. The traditional entrepreneur and the entrepreneur today has change significant in its approach but not in what
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an entrepreneur are made of. The traditional entrepreneur was one that began a startup company with capital and high risk. Today’s entrepreneur can start a business utilizing the internet with little capital and very low risk. The word entrepreneur still has a magical tone when someone says, “I want to be an entrepreneur” because when they think of an entrepreneur they think of starting something from nothing, opening doors that would not open as an employee. Making a path towards success for themselves and for others. It is the typical self-made success story; a story everyone wants to hear to be inspired.

Want to be an entrepreneur

This is what I would say about the person that says, I want to be an entrepreneur. They are the kind of person, that is determine, passionate, and winning is part of what they are made of. They are not afraid to take a risk, while others hold back, they take a giant step forward. They are not afraid to fail. They do not allow failure to control what they say, what they think and what they do. Their life is controlled by hope, belief and vision, not failure. The one thing an entrepreneur must guard themselves from, is envious of others, because often they do what others wanted to do, and what others could have done but will not do.
Congratulations to the entrepreneur, you took that leap, and did not allow failure to control your path or your journey because of that, you did what others could have done but were unwilling to do.
If you feel you have what it takes to be an entrepreneur, Click on the image to enter the website for free training to start your journey as an entrepreneur. I will like to suggest your first course should be, "The 6 Figure Formula"

Saturday, May 28, 2016

In Order To Succeed You Must First Believe That You Can

In order to succeed you must first believe that you can

I want to welcome you to the G Baez Marketing Team. I am an entrepreneur and coach in Network Marketing, Network Marketing is a 114-billion-dollar industry, and climbing.
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As a coach I want to maximize peoples value in any way that I possibly can, that is why I am here. I will be taking words and draw them out to help you build some thought in your mind and create ideas that will help you personally and professionally.

With training one acquires knowledge and builds confidence. 

I will be offering training and lessons to help build successful home base internet business. Sign up to my email list and get free training and information. I would like to have you become part of the team and together we can make an impact in people’s lives. If you are here, you have demonstrated that you, like myself, want to add value to yourself and those around you. The key to your success is to add value to people lives. Stick around and see what you and I can do together.
Click on the image or the link and enter the website and then choose any training, enter your email and receive free training. The training will put you on the right track towards a successful network marketing business.

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Entrepreneurs Dream About

Entrepreneurs Dream About

 The one special day entrepreneurs dream about. The day you do not have to wake up to an alarm clock, the day you do not have to be told what day you can have off to spend with your family, the day you do not have to be told what time you can have lunch or you can go home. Basically, the day you can say good bye to your employer. The day you are able to control your own professional and financial Destiny.
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My Dream Day

For me, it was the last day of waking up at 4:30 Am to get to my government job at 6 AM. The end of the that day, could not come soon enough, I put all my belonging in a black bag and stared into my empty locker and knew I was no longer under someone else’s control, I was done, my last day ever working for someone. I picked up my black bag and dropped it in the garbage can. I stood there looking at the can for several seconds but it felt like minutes, just letting it sink in. I was a free man, freedom is a feeling one must experience to get the full effect. I thought, now I can spread my wings and pursue my goals and realize my dreams. As I walked out the job and closed the door behind me, I was no longer in bondage, no longer do I ever have to punch a clock. It represented my new life of freedom.

What does your day of freedom look like in your mind? What does being a successful entrepreneur means to you and your life? For me, being an entrepreneur means being able to do what I want, when I want and with who I want. The income is great, it is a mean to your end but at the end of the day, I am most proud of the people I touched and the impact I make in people’s lives.

Life Is precious and freedom is priceless, do not waste it building some else’s dream, build your own. 
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Friday, May 20, 2016

Інвестиції в себе - ще бізнес-партнерів

інвестувати в себе є першим кроком на шляху до заробляючи шість цифра доходу. Ви повинні бачити себе в якості продукту. Подумайте про всі бізнес-істеблішменту ви вийшли качаєте головою незадоволеності служби або продукту. Ви хочете, щоб ваші перспективи відчувати себе так само, як, що, коли вони залишають вашу презентацію або навіть коротку зустріч за чашкою кави, зовсім немає? Запитайте себе, що ви наймаєте себе, в цьому випадку ви б приєднатися до вашого бізнесу. Не обманюйте себе, думаючи, у вас є подарунок балакучості і ви можете "крило це", люди можуть читати фальшиве. Кожен успішний бізнес погода традиційний бізнес або мережевий маркетинг завжди працює над оновленням і поліпшенням продукту, в цьому випадку ви. Маючи це на увазі, найкраща порада, яку я можу дати вам від усіх моїх років в бізнесі, в традиційному бізнесі і мережевому маркетингу, найкраща інвестиція ви можете зробити це інвестиції в себе. Подивіться навколо на всіх топ мережі з маркетингу, подивіться в своїй власній промисловості, ви знайдете все, що вони вклали в себе. Не прокидаються одного ранку і набувають свої знання. Вони інвестували років самі по собі, щоб отримати, де вони сьогодні. Це ті люди, які ви приймаєте серйозно і хочуть приєднатися до них, тому що вони приносять цінність для вас. Вони знають, як допомогти тренеру і направляти вас до вашої мети і мрії. Люди, які хочуть бути лідерами і хочуть мати величезний бізнес-команди розуміють інвестування в себе збільшить коефіцієнт конверсії і підпишуться більше повторень. Якщо ви хочете, щоб люди приймають вас серйозно і приєднатися до вашої бізнес-команди, ви повинні спочатку прийняти ваше справа серйозна. Побалуйте свій бізнес як бізнес, і він буде платити вам як бізнес. Як ви приймаєте ваш бізнес серйозно? Тут ви знайдете відмінне коротке відео Інвестування в собі оповідання Les Браун, повинен слухати. Я не можу підкреслити досить того, щоб інвестувати в себе.Що означає інвестування в себе кошти, підвищити свою цінність. Ви збільшити свою цінність, читаючи великі книги, слухати аудіо-книги, відвідувати заходи. Кожен бізнес мережевого маркетингу має локальні і регіональні події. Якщо ви не відвідують ці події, читати книги і мережі з людьми у вашій галузі ви не інвестувати в себе і збільшення ви цінуєте. Як ви очікуєте, що люди приєднатися до вашої бізнес-команди? Запам'ятайте цей один самородок, люди не приєднатися до бізнес, люди приєднуються до людей, вони приєднатися до вас. Якщо ви можете показати їм план для досягнення своїх цілей і реалізувати свої мрії, вони приєднаються до вас. Я працюю з людьми з усіх верств суспільства по всій країні, всі вони починаються з різними потребами і бореться з різними питаннями, які не дозволяють їм рухатися свій бізнес вперед. У мене був один бізнес-партнер не знає про важливість сновидінь і як сформулювати свої мрії. Я був в змозі запропонувати посилання і поставити його на правильному шляху. Я отримав знання, щоб допомогти людям почати свій бізнес на Facebook, направляти інших на страху перед рекрутинговими людей. Ви інвестувати в себе пропонує Вам можливість давати поради, навчання і керівництво для осіб, які вступають свій бізнес або ті, які потрапили дорожній блок і деякі з них можуть просто потрібна мотивація. Інвестиції в себе є ключем, щоб зробити вплив на тих, хто приєднатися до вашого бізнесу, і розвиток цих лідерів навколо вас. Я як і раніше вкладати гроші в себе, щоб принести цінність для моїх читачів, моїх послідовників і мій бізнес-команди. Я залишаю тебе з цим вдуматися, ви повинні стати лідером ви шукаєте в іншому. Якщо я приніс цінність для вас, будь ласка, поділіться, щоб інші могли отримати значення.

Я ж ви шукаєте, щоб почати інтернет-бізнес
G Баез Маркетинг принести його вільне trianing до людей в Ukriane, серпень 2016
Напишіть інформацію для оновлення та реєстрації

Monday, April 18, 2016

Investing In Yourself - More Business Partners

- Investing In Yourself -

I want to share the importance of investing in yourself and how it will increase you signing up more reps. Unfortunately, people in Network Marketing do not realize the importance or do not take investing in themselves serious. Realizing the significance of
 investing in yourself is the first step towards earning a six figure income. You have to see yourself as the product. Think about all the business establishment you walked out shaking your head of dissatisfaction of the service or product. Do you want your prospects to feel exactly like that when they leave your presentation or even a short meeting over coffee, absolutely not? Ask yourself would you hire yourself, in this case would you join your business. Do not fool yourself by thinking you have the gift of gab and you can “wing it”, people can read a phony. Every successful business weather is a traditional business or Network Marketing is always working on upgrading and improving their product, in this case, you are the product. With that in mind, the best tip I can give you from all my years in business, in a traditional business and Network Marketing, the best investment you can make is investing in yourself. Look around at all the top Network Marketers, look in your own industry, you will find they all invested in themselves. They did not wake up one morning and acquire their knowledge. They invested years in themselves to get where they are today. Those are the people you take serious and want to join them, because they bring value to you. They know how to help coach and guide you towards your goals and dreams. People that want to be leaders and want to have a huge business team understand investing in themselves will increase the conversion rate and will sign up more reps. If you want people to take you serious and join your business team you first must take your business serious. Treat your business like a business and it will pay you like a business. How do you take your business serious? Here you will find an excellent short video of Investing In Yourself narrative by Les Brown, a must listen.

I cannot stress enough of investing in yourself.

What does investing in yourself means, increase your value. You increase your value by reading great books, listening to audio books, attending events. Every Network Marketing Business has local and regional events. If you do not attend those events, read books and network with people in your industry you are not investing in yourself and increasing you value. How do you expect people to join your business team? Remember this one nugget, people do not join business, people join people, they join you. If you can show them a plan to achieve their goals and realize their dreams they will join you. I work with people from all walks of life all across the country, they all start with different needs and are struggling with different issues that has not allow them to move their business forward. I had one business partner not aware of the importance of dreams and how to articulate his dreams. I was able to offer reference and put him on the right track. I had acquired the knowledge to help people kick off their business on Facebook, guide others on the fear of recruiting people. You investing in yourself offers you the opportunity to give advice, training and guidance to those entering your business or those that hit a road block and some may just need motivation. Investing in yourself is the key to making an impact to those that join your business and developing those leaders around you. I continue to invest in myself to bring value to my readers, my followers and my business team. I will leave you with this to ponder over, you have to become the leader you are looking for in other.  If I have brought value to you, please share so others can gain value.

I want to make available a copy of this excellent free Earn 6 Figure Income training.

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Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Never Buy Facebook Likes

Never Buy Facebook Likes

Never buy Facebook likes, do not misunderstand me, “likes “are extremely important for your page and I will explain why, but first, I want to mention, never purchase Facebook likes, absolutely never, ever purchase likes. If you are looking to create a Facebook page to look popular then by all means google “buy Facebook likes” and you will get a huge list of website to choose from. But if you are looking to create
Never Buy Facebook Likes
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value and build your brand then never buy Facebook Likes, is defiantly not the way to go. These likes come from around the world, people that either get paid or are offer an incentive to like your page but are not interested in your page. What good is having 1000 likes if you are not engaging with them. What does that mean to your business? These people are not interested in your product, service or opportunity and you are wasting your time and money promoting to them. Read the article by the
HuffPost Business,

Never buy Facebook likes

But yes, you should pay for likes, but a small fee and you will get a return on those likes. The likes you get are going to come from people that are interested in your content and what you have to offer. In a short period of time
you will have 300, 500, 1000 or more likes from people that like what you have. Once you start having engagement on your page you can boost your page to them, promote to them. Since they like your page, they know your brand that have grown to trust you, they most likely will buy from you or at the very least they will read your ad and share them. If you have 1000 likes reading and sharing your post you should be making 500, 600 dollars a month from Facebook or generating more leads, sign up more reps and making more money.
Never buy Facebook likes despite the tempting message you will get from people selling you 1000 likes for 25.00 dollars. A large fan base with low engagement equals to low edge rank by Facebook. Your Edge rank determines what post go on to the user’s feeds. If you have a large number of likes and very little or no engagement, you edge rank drops and no one sees your post including your real likes.
Five steps to get your Facebook page up and running. One, start your page by letting people know what your page is about. Two, then get likes to your page. You can pay five dollars for seven days. Three, constantly create ads that will bring likes to your page. Four, create ads that will bring value to your readers but also that will promote your website. Finally, pay to boost your post to those that like your page, but never buy Facebook likes.
If I have brought value to you as I am promoting share my post to bring value to others.
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